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10:15am Rest & Recovery with Tiff!

FREE CLASS FOR ALL! Bring family friends!

Hello friends!

If you enjoy living your life in a strong & healthy body. Full of stamina and energy, (which is one of the great benefits of working out.) Then it is also essential to establish a practice that develops your mobility and the skills that help us relax and destress.

Join us for a class that is programmed for your rest and recovery.

These are essential elements that help us achieve optimal levels of performance both in and out of the gym.

Benefits you may experience from this programming are;

increased flexibility (which translates into your bodies capacity for strength gains and recovery)

mental clarity and perhaps the most valuable is an increase in your energy levels as well as authentic health and wellness.

What to expect.

The rest and recovery class

will be an hour long.

Thursdays 10:15 @ Pivot

The class will begin with some breath work to help facilitate warming the body from the inside out, in preparation for full body movement, intended to mobilize stiff joints and the spine. As the body relaxes we will be adding more static holds to deepen the stretch and increase flexibility.

We will finish the practice with some techniques that help regulate the nervous system further aiding your body into a state of homeostasis, which is the optimal state of being for healing to happen.

Come curious & invite your friends.

You do not need to be flexible to join us.

This class is for anyone and everyone looking for authentic health & wellness.

questions please call or text

Tiffany 385-427-7242

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