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4:30pm Comp Class

Warm up/ Accessory

15 min EMOM

Min 1: 15 KB Swings

Min 2: 20 Band Pull Aparts

Min 3: 10 DB Row (each arm)

Min 4: 50m Sled Push

Min 5: Rest

Gymnastics Skill:

3 sets - Hardest Skill

2 sets - Moderate Skill

1 set - Easiest Skill

  • Rest 2 mins in-between sets


-Ring Muscle Ups 

-Bar Muscle ups (Kipping, Banded, Box)

-Chest to Bar (Strict, Butterfly, Kipping, Banded)

-Pull Ups (Strict, Butterfly, Kipping, Banded)

-Ring Rows (Heels Elevated, heels on ground)

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