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Booty Class 9:30am

Back squats

Light To Heavy

Every 2:00 x 10

6 -6-6-3-3-3(weight you did last week) 1-1-1-1 (try to go heavier on these singles!

Tabata Rower

4:00 Total Time

:20 work

:10 rest

3 Rounds 25-30-35’s

12DB walking Lunges

12 DB Lateral Lunges (6each leg)

Tabata Bike

4:00 Totall Time

:20 work

:10 rest

2 Rounds 25-30-35’s

-16 DB sit-ups (hold 1 DB under chin)

-16 DB Deadlifts

-16 DB Sgle. Leg hip thrusts (16 each leg) put 1 DB on hips


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