Friday Mix

Mix burnout

-Cardio/core and a strength movement paired in each section

-4 sections

-2 laps - water break in between laps

-Timer Mix Burnout

Work 1:45

Rest .30

Move .45

  1. Moving plank - DB close grip chest press 40/25 (DB together facing each other)

  2. Box jumps- push press 95/65

  3. Rower- Sissy Squats 70/55 (goblet hold, heels elevated on plate, feet close together, 90 degree squat, do not bottom out)

  4. Sled push/pull rx 3/2plates- BB sumo high pull 95/65

Option: take a white board to count the reps in each movement. Beat or maintain scores for the 2nd lap. *Posting write movement and reps/Cals

example: Rower 35cals/Sissy 35lb 50reps

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