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Friday mix

Glute/Quad strength movement

-Deficit reverse Lunges

At the rig front foot elevated on on 45lb plate

keep weight mostly in front foot.

-Push through the front heel

-Slight Hinge forward

-EMOM 1:30

8 lunges 4 each leg

8 rounds building in weight.

Start light and find your max.

Section 2 -12 min:

2:30 Emom × 5 Sets:

15 squats w/ DB's 40-50/25-30lbs

10 bicep curls w/DB

10 OH extensions

30 Russian twists

Section 3 -10 min cap:

4 Rounds

15 pull ups

1:00 Sprints (edge of mats to the rig) track your sprints.

Rest :30 sec

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