Friday Mix

Section 1

Start off with a circuit

Timer #8.2


1 set each 4 laps around

  1. DB snatches 50/35

  2. Box single leg high knee drives (change legs half way)

  3. Rip 60 tricep extensions

  4. Jump rope DU/Singles

Section 2 -20 min (use running clock in strength and mix timers.)

-3 rounds of 4 movements

-3 people per movement if you need more add equipment and use rowers as well for movement 1.

*Goal try to maintain reps/Cals each round

Bounce to all movements with the 5th min rest. Take board of needed to keep track of reps.

3 Rounds of 1 min each:

M1: Bike cals

M2: bent over rows 95/65 rx+115/85

M3: burpee box overs 24/20"

M4: goblet squats rx 55/40

: rest 1 min

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