Friday Mix day

16min for time

Upper and lower body mix

DL and pull-ups

Increasing weight lowering reps with DL

And lower reps each round for pull-ups

*go at your own speed. No rest breaks, CD For time,16 min time cap.


Round 1 - body weight 10reps

10 pull-ups

Round 2 - build 8 reps

9 pull-ups

Round 3 - build 8 Reps

8 pull-ups

Round 4 - build 6 Reps

7 pull-ups

Round 5 - build 6 reps

6 pull-ups

Round 6 - build 4 reps

5 pull-ups

Round 7- 4


Round 8- 2


20 min Circuit 40:20 2sets 2 Laps

  1. Kneeling Up right rows KB -  both knees on the ground. 1 or 2 KB’s

  2. Pistol squats

  3. DB curls

  4. Ball hamstring curls

  5. Palms out BB row

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