Friday Mix w/Max

This week we will be re testing our 1RM. Option 4

Next up is Bench Press

Try and find 1 RM in 6-8 sets. Start light and build.

Bench Press 12 min


Find 1RM, 15min option 2-4 RM

Set/Reps example

1-8reps light weight

2-6 light weight







2 sets lap 1

1 set lap 2

  1. Ball slam sprints- turf

  2. Db hollow core press

  3. Banded in out squats

  4. DB snatches

  5. Rig bench BB tricep extensions

  6. Barbell hang cleans

  7. Kettlebell swings

End with core finisher

-Coaches choice

Db hollow core press

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