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Friday PVF/PVX

Push Press

Every 2 Minutes x 8 Sets:

4 Push Press

Build each round

- Barbell should be taken from a rack.

- Reps do not need to be performed touch and go. Athletes can pause overhead or in the front rack between reps. 


8 Rounds For Time: 25min time cap

5 Thrusters 115 / 85 lb

10 Pull-ups

100 Meter Sprint

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds.

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2 則留言

Evan Williams

HOLBROOK!!! 15:32

That was a good one! DB thruster 40#


Noel Schenk

Push press made 4 reps at 105#. Failed after 2 rounds at 110#

WOD 20:57. Thrusters to box 65#. Banded pull-ups. Row.

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