Guts n’ Butts 9:30am

Booty Class

EMOM x 15 (Bands for everything)

1. Wall sit w/clam shells

2. :30 R leg lifts :30 L leg lifts

3. 20 squat walks Right 20 left

4. Squat knee (band around feet)

5. Plank hip drops

3:00 Emom x 5

12 Romanian DL (body weight)

12 4 2ct lunge jumps 6 alt jumping lunges

12 Windsheild wipers on barbell

2 Rounds - Everything Unbroken

-right leg 50 foot press 50 straight leg lifts 50 KTE oblique crunches

-Repeat on Left Leg

3 Rounds

15 speed sit ups

:20 sec plank hold

Rest :30 sec

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