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Monday Comp Class

Welcome to the newest class at pivot! Monday - Friday at 4:30pm. We combine functional movements with different ranges of intensity. Everyday is a different work out with a different goal to be met! Each day will focus on strength, endurance, or gymnastics. These work outs are made for every fitness level from beginner to advanced.

We are starting a GYMNASTICS CYCLE this Monday. It will be 4 weeks long. Focusing on learning or improving skills, building strength in these skills, as well as musclar endurance.

Work out:

4 Rounds

-3 mins on 2 mins off

  • 20/15 push ups

  • 200m run

  • Max handstand walks with remaining time



-DB row

-Pressing movement

  • Deficit Handstand Push Ups

  • Handstand Push Ups

  • Strict Press

  • Z Press

  • DB Bench

*Pick one press movement

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