Monday Strength

Updated: Aug 11

Today we hit a heavy complex. Flowing from one movement to the next building each round. Keeping hands on the barbell through out the movements. EMOM every 1:30 you will be doing one round of the complex. And ending with one heavy complex. Start light and build.

EMOM x8 every 90sec.

4 hang cleans 3 Front squats & 2 SOH

Starting light and build each round

Starting weight: moderate RPE 6-7

Circuit 35:20 2 laps 3 sets lap 1, 2 sets lap 2

  1. BB Chest press RPE8-9

  2. DB step up 50/35 60/45 70/55

  3. DB lat raise/front raise 15/10, 20/12, 25/15

  4. KB/DB DL RPE 9

  5. Abs Sprinter to toe touch.

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