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Saturday AMRAPS

Goal is to keep a steady pace.

Conditioning, we are looking for a steady pace that you can hit all reps unbroken. Row/bike pace should be similar to EMOMS. Look to hold or increase that across all rounds and intervals. Try not to drop the DB's.

Everyone in there own spots and get all equipment ready for all rounds prior to start. Depending on class size start at Different AMRAPS.

10 min amrap:

20/15 cal row

8 front squats

10 DB back flys 35/20

Rest 3min

10 min amrap:

20/15 cal bike

10 single DB tricep OH extensions 50/35

10 OH BB Lunges option front rack 5 each side

rest 3 min

10 min amrap:

8 burpees over BB

8 Alt DB hang clean and press

Box single leg step downs 50/35

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