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Saturday Booty class 9:30am


Back Squats w/Pause

*some of you squated yesterday so you can do weighted BB lunges or banded Deadlifts from Wednesday’s class!

Every 2:30 x 4

-1 BS w/4 count pause at the bottom + 5 single back squats no pause

Stay with 65-70% of your 1 rep & work on Depth in all squats!

*if you chose single leg lunges do 6 Heavy’ish on each leg

*if you choose Deads 115-145lbs should be your weight & 8 reps every round put red long band around bar!

Long Burner….For Time

*Push Endurance-Quality work on strength

800m Row

-30 DB walking Lunges 50/35’s

400m Run

-30 DB Goblet Squats 50/35 (1 DB)

100m Banded Monster Walks Right side

-30 Heavy’ish DB Floor Press 50/35’s

100m Monster Walks Left side (do not switch sides) go 50m down & 50m back Left side ONLY) band above knees

-30 sumo squats tapping 1 DB to the floor each rep 50/35

60/50 Cals Bike

-30 Strict V-Ups or Hanging L raises


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