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Saturday Booty Class 9:30am Warm Up


DeadLifts & Bulgarian Split Squats

Every 3:00min x 5 rounds

*weight increases on the Deadlifts each round

*individual weight Options

A. 165-185-205-215-225

B. 135-155-175-195-205

C. 95-115-135-155-175

-5 Deadlifts (you choose weight options from above)

-10 Goblet Bulgarian Split squats #35lb DB (10 each leg do 20 total)

Booty Workout

Complete 5 Rounds of…

-5 Wall balls 20/14lb 10/9’ Target

-10 Wallball

Air Squats (Butt has to touch your wallball every squat)

-15 Plank Jacks on Elbow

-200m run

Rest 1:00 in between rounds


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