Saturday Mi


3 movements per section

3 laps per section

Mix of upper & lower body movements with a cardio or core finisher.

Timer #8 40:20

Lap 1-2 sets overload the muscle (strength)

Lap 2&3-1 set (burnout/high reps muscle endurance)

BB- Rx95/65 Rx+115/85


-Front rack lunges

-DB Plank tricep extension

-pendulum lunge w/Alt plyo lunge

-Bent over row

-DB kosak squat shoulder rack 35/25

-4 Bear Position shoulder shoulder taps to 2 push up - jump feet back for push-up

-Push press

-DB Squat Cleans (option go up in weight) 35/25

-5x power lunges burpee (stay low through the lunges + Burpee)


Plank tricep extension

Pendulum Alt lunge

B stance squats

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