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Saturday mix


-3 sections

-3 movements per section

-3 laps per section

*Mix of upper & lower body movements with a cardio or core finisher.

Timer #8 40:20

Lap 1. 2 sets overload the muscle (strength)

Lap 2&3. 1 set (burnout/high reps muscle endurance)

BB-Rx look at movements DB-Rx 50/35


BB Bicep curls 55-65/35

DB Kosak squat -single or double DB’s

Cone quick feet (4 quick steps to side ways hurdle over cone)


BB strict high pulls 65/45

DB squats 3 second decent

V-ups (option suitcase crunch)

sec3 - heavy on the legs

BB DL add weight!

DB/BB thrusters

Lunge x2 + Burpee

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