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Saturday mix


Front Squats + Back Squats (from the rack)

4 sets Building

3 FS then rack & quickly rack bar on back and complete 5 back squats

1st set 50% of 1 rep Fas

2nd set 55%

3rd set 60%

4th set 65-70%

Rest 2:00 in between sets

Have members set up Barbells for emom

EMOM 16min

Split the class between movements

12/10 Rowers

10 Hang cleans 95/65-115/85

14 Wall sit bicep curls 30/20

10 Banded goblet squats 60+/40+

Finish off with Ab burnout.

Example: 7min

30:10 3 movements 2 sets 2 laps.

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