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Saturday mix

Hip thrusters

For set up Everyone At the rig lower the j-hooks and put a bar across, put a soft box against the bar, grab another bar and for the thrusters and use pads if needed or mats.

Take 3 sets to Warm up and build to get to your RPE 8-9


6x5 RPE 8-9

In between each set - Bikes/Rowers 12/10cals

Rig 15min - running timer

Section 2

Pump class- everyone in their own spots own equipment


2 sets lap1

1 set lap 2&3

2 sections

  1. BB push ups

  2. OH lunges

  3. V-ups single leg-single-double

rest demo:

  1. Push press

  2. Pistols

  3. Burpees over BB

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