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Saturday Mix

40min workout

20min to set up and warmup/stretch.



AMRAP 10min: 1 rnd =57/54

15/12 Calorie Row/Bike/skierg

21 Push ups

21 snatches/cleans: snatch 75/55 cleans 95/65 lb

Rest 5 Minutes

AMRAP 10min: 1 rnd =80

50 DU/125 Singles 2.5 singles = 1 double

15 front squats - if you’re doing cleans, put 95/65 for the front squats, and then add weight for the Cleans.

15 snatches 95/65 cleans 115 / 85 lb

Rest 5 Minutes

AMRAP 10min: 1 rnd=27

1 corner of building sprint =9reps

9 Pull ups

9 snatches 115/75 cleans  135 / 95 lb  

- Conditioning Category: Threshold. Athletes will move at their maximal sustainable pace throughout each interval.


- AMRAP 1: The row/bike should take less than 1:30, snatch/cleans, start from the ground & should be complete in 1-2 sets in less than 1:00. Athletes will strive to complete 2 full rounds. Pick weight according to that. Adding weight each AMRAP.

- Loading: The final barbell should not exceed 70% of your 1RM snatch or clean.


- Score: Enter rounds+reps completed in each interval. Overall score will be the sum total.  

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