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Saturday Party

Strength - pair up

Every 3:00 x 5

Front Squats + Back Squats (from the rack)

5 sets Building

W/ DB Bench press

3 FS then rack & quickly rack bar on back and complete 5 back squats


15 DB Bench presses 50/35

1st set 50% of 1 rep FS

2nd set 55%

3rd set 60%

4th set 65-70%

5th set 75-80%

"TheTest V2"

Portion this out however you’d like.

-Grab a white board to keep track of reps.

Attempt to complete all reps. (You are not expected to finish a full round!)

This is a workout is designed to challenge you, and to get better each time you do it.

Time Cap of 20 minutes

Strategy: complete sets to a fatigue point not at failure, record it and move on to the next movement.

Score is total reps & weight


50 Pistol squats (total)

50 Deadlifts

40 Bar-Facing Burpees

40 Power Cleans

30 Toes to Bar

30 Front Squats

20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups/option ring rows

20 Push Jerks

10 Bar Muscle-ups/option strict pull-ups

10 Thrusters

Barbell: 135 / 95 lb - if you are dialed in on all movements.

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5 Kommentare

Brad Larsen
Brad Larsen
11. Feb. 2023

225 @ 135 RX

Gefällt mir

Kenzie Barlow
Kenzie Barlow
11. Feb. 2023



Gefällt mir

Noel Schenk
11. Feb. 2023

180 @ 75#

Front & back squat 65-75-85-95-105

Gefällt mir

John Fadel
John Fadel
11. Feb. 2023

254 135# Rx

Gefällt mir

Shae Cook
Shae Cook
11. Feb. 2023

252 reps @115#

Gefällt mir
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