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Saturday WOD: “Hardwired”

General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General flow 

  • General flow 

  • Get out PVC 

  • 2 Rounds

  • :30  Row/bike

  • :20 PVC pass through

  • Establish snatch grip here

  • :20 Alternating spidermans 

  • :20 Squat jumps 

  • :20 PVC around the world 

  • :20 Bootstraps with reach 

  • :20 Down dog - actively driving head through

  • :20 PVC goodmornings 

  • :20 Scorpions

  • :20 Push up to down dog 

Squat Cleans option: add Jerk

On The Minute x 4 Sets: 2 Squat Cleans option add Jerk climbing to 80% 240LB

(Optional) Directly into... 3 Sets:1 Squat Clean, climbing in weight as desired

• Rest 2 min between sets




15 Power Cleans

Max Calorie Row/Bike


12 Power Cleans 

Max Calorie Row 


9 Power Cleans 

Max Calorie Row

Barbell: (185/125)




15 Power Cleans at Lightest Weight

Max Calorie Row 


12 Power Cleans at Middle Weight

Max Calorie Row 


9 Power Cleans at Heaviest Weight

Max Calorie Row

OPEN/QUARTERS Athletes Barbell: 155, 185, 205

SEMIS/GAMES Athletes Barbell: 205, 225, 245

-After Party 

For quality 

40 Strict dips 

40 Ring rows 

For the Coach

  • In part 1 we’re getting started with our clean cycle. With these cleans athletes can choose to power clean or squat clean. Athletes should plan to maintain whatever variation they start with throughout the duration of the cycle. Reps should be completed as quick singles with no more than 3 deep breaths between reps. Today we have some heavy barbell work and rowing for calories with no rest between rounds. How hard can you push the row in each round without getting slowed down on the heavy power clean?

  • Score | Total calories on rower

  • Cleans | Heavy. 2 :00, 1:30, and 1:00 respectively

Teaching Focus 
  • Take the slack out 

  • "Taking the slack out" of the barbell in cleans refers to the initial movement where you remove any excess space or slack between the barbell and your body before initiating the lift. This is crucial for a smooth and powerful clean as it activates the necessary muscle groups for maximum efficiency.  Here are some cues to help you take the slack out of the barbell in cleans: “Arms straight” “Bend the bar against your shins.” 

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