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Saturday Work!

Clean Complex

On the Minute x 12:

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Squat Clean

- All sets should be completed unbroken.

- Start at roughly 50-55% of your 1RM power clean and aim to build from there.

- Score: Enter the loading of heaviest complex.

"Intermittent Fasting"

AMRAP 90 Seconds x 10 Rounds:

6 Burpee Box Jumps (24"/20")

200ft. Shuttle Sprint

Max DU/singles

Rest 60 Seconds Between Sets.

- Overview: Athletes will be challenged to push the pace each round in order to get time on the bike. With there being equal work to rest here, athletes should have just enough time to recover between rounds.

- Burpee Box Jumps: Reps should be completed in 30s or less.

- Shuttle Sprint: Complete this as 4 x 50ft. or 8 x 25ft. based on space. The full 200ft. should be completed in 30s or less.

- DU/singles : Athletes should have about 30s on the rope each round.

- Score: Enter how many DU you get each set. Overall score will be the sum total. Singles split in half.

Extra Work:

"JT" 10min


Handstand Push-ups



- Checking up on our upper body push capacity.

- This workout has direct interference between the movements and will be challenging for many athletes to finish under the time cap.

- Break things up early and often. Let's see what we've got!

- Score: Total Time. 

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