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Thursday PVX: Hipster

General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

General flow 

  • Get out bands 

  • :20 Banded pull aparts 

  • :20 Banded pass through 

  • :20 Banded bent over row 

  • :20 Tall plank shoulder taps 

  • :20 Plank to toe touch

  • :20 Samson R 

  • :20 Samson L 

  • :20 Bootstraps 

  • :20 Air squat 

  • :20 Alt box step ups 

  • :20 Box jumps 

Benchpress or hip thrusters option

On the 2:00 x 5 Sets: 2 Bench Press

* Start First Working Set at 60% & Build



20 Box Jumps (24"/20")  

20 Thrusters (75/55) 

After Party

3 Sets

20 DB crush grip floor press

8 Single arm DB bent over row each arm



  • In part 1 we have our 3rd week of the bench press cycle. Athletes should aim to begin their first second of 2 where they finished their final set of 3. If they don’t know that number, they should target around 82% of their 1RM for set 1 and build from there. In part 2 the barbell should be very light and something that takes no more than 2 sets to complete. Each station should take around :60 to complete. 

  • Box Jumps | :60 or less. 

  • Thruster | :60 or less. Light. 2 sets or less. 

The One | Teaching Focus 
  • Break the bar 

  • Today our teaching focus will emphasize performance on the bench press. In both the eccentric and pressing segments of the lift, cue athletes to “break the bar.” This will engage the lats and the upper back and provide a high level of stability for the lift. While “breaking the bar” athletes should have a slight elbow tuck by keeping them close to the body. 

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