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Thursday Strength



Technique 5 min



-Build up to a 5 rep max DL

-Then 5x5 DL, in between

each set 40 Russian twists. 20/15

Circuit 40:20

2 sets 2 laps

DB SA hang snatch 50/35

Pistol Squats option with rip 60 or bench

DB Lat raise front raise 15/10

LM squat to calf raise

*extra credit Abs 30:10 1 set each 2 laps

in/out crunches

leg raise side to side over DB

low plank tap outs (extending arm over head alternating taps)

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09. Sept. 2021

135lb Dead lift!

Gefällt mir

Talesha Brown
09. Sept. 2021

205# 5 rep

Gefällt mir
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