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  • John Fadel

Thursday strength

intro: Starting out a new Month and new program for strength days. Every Thursday this month will be SOH (shoulder to overhead)

Again it will be: 8 sets of 8 reps you only get 30 seconds in between each set. There is no tempo. BUT I don’t want more than a second resting Or shoulders or locked out on each rep. You will pick a weight thats at a moderate level for the first set (RPE about 7). By the 5th set it should be fairly difficult. Each week we will go up 5-10 pounds.

15min - running timer

8x8 .30 sec between sets

Not tempo.

circuit 35:20 3 sets 2 laps


Rig Back squats RPE 9

DB sitting curls 30/20

DB single leg DL 50/35

KB up right rows 60-70/40-45

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