Thursday Strength


Combo Front Rack lounges w/ a pair of SOH. We are working our way to a 4 rep max Alt front rack lounges with 2 SOH. Set up for

EMOM 1:30x 8rounds 12min

Start 50% of your max

Build after the second set of the rep count. until you hit your Max. Example.


  1. 8x2

  2. 8x2 build

  3. 6x2

  4. 6x2 build

  5. 4x2

  6. 4x2 build

  7. 4x2

  8. 4x2 Max

*Everyone at there own spots on the floor.

*You can pair up here If you want.

*Starting weight: somewhat challenging RPE 6-7

50rep challenge 4 min to complete 50 reps .90 sec rest between each movement.

If you have more than 1 min left on the clock and you completed 50 reps, You gained yourself 10 more reps.

Goal is to break the 4 min up into multiple sets as you get deeper in the 4 min, the reps should get harder & sets smaller.

  1. 50 DL 185/125

  2. 50 BB Bench press 75% of 1RM

  3. 50 KB/DB Cossack squats 25/side 50/35

  4. 50 KB/DB SA Bench rows 25/arm RPE 9.

  5. Finish with everyone doing core

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