Thursday Strength

Back squats. We are working our way to a Heavy 2 rep. They should be heavy but they don't have to necessarily be a new PR. Because of the amount of sets.

EMOM 1:30

Every other round add weight

Round 2,4,6,8 tempo 3 second decent.


1-2/6 reps 50% 1RM (rnd 2 same weight but tempo)

3-4/4 reps 70% (rnd 3 add weight and tempo 4)

5-6/3 reps 80%

7-8/2 reps 90%

*You can pair up here

*Starting weight: somewhat challenging RPE 7

Timer: 8.3 under strength

Water break between sections

Circuit 40:20 2 sets lap 1, 1 set lap 2 & 3

*Old Saturday workouts

-2 sections

Everyone with a barbell and DB’s

At your own stations working out together

Sec1 BB 65-75/35-45# DB 50/35#

  1. Barbell curls

  2. DB squats

  3. Snatches DB or BB

-3min break (set up barbell for Row & Lunge weight)

Sec2 115-135/75-85#

  1. 4 Barbell push ups to 4 Bentover rows

  2. BB/DB Lunges 50/35

  3. Moving planks

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