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Thursday Strength

Bench Press

Take 3 sets to Warm up and build to get to your 70-80%


6x5 70-80% of 1RM

in-between each set 10 Goblet Squats 50/35#

Rig 15min - running timer

Strength Circuit

35:20 3 sets 2 laps

DB Kneeling single arm press 40/25

Rig Sumo squats 185/125

DB snatches 50/35

KB bench single leg DL 55/35

Swiss ball plank extensions

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- Athletes should work to go up in weight each set. - All reps should be completed before putting the bar down. - Somewhere between 70-80% of your 1RM clean is a great place to be by the end. - Score:

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