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Thursday Strength

- Athletes should work to go up in weight each set.

- All reps should be completed before putting the bar down.


- Somewhere between 70-80% of your 1RM clean is a great place to be by the end.

- Score: Enter weights used for each set incase you needed to go up or down in weight on any set. 

Every 2min x8

From the ground

1 clean shrug

1 hang power clean

1 squat clean

12 butterfly sit ups

Part 2

This workout is tailored to you and what your needs and goals are. If you’re looking for lean muscle mass lighter weight higher repetitions, to tone up. If you’re looking for building muscle, and strength, more weight and lower repetitions.

-4 moments combination of upper and lower body movements.

Start athletes a different movements, if needed.


2 min per movement

1 set each

2 laps around all movements.

:45 sec between movements

BB bench press 165/85#

Sissy squats 70/50#

Bench OH extensions 60/40

LM squat press 90/35

Score is weight and reps per movement

Use white boards

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