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Tuesday Mix

Starting out with strength. Then finishing with conditioning. For time.

Barbell Bench press :15 min

5x5; rest :90 *RPE 8. Pair up, help each other switch out weights. 80% of 1 rep max

-10 DB Kosak squats in-between each set.


3 Rounds:

-15/12 cal bike/rower

-5 SOH 115/75#

-5 OHS option front squats 115/75#

-50 DU’s 100 singles

rest 1:30 *each round


3 Rounds:

-12 Box overs

-10 HS push-ups / box Elevated push-ups

-10 DB box step ups 50/35#

-12 Single or double DB curls.

rest 1:30 min *each round

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