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Wed PivotX

Deadlift & Push Press

Building to a heavy set of 5 push presses between each set.

BB or DB

Set 1: 15 Deadlifts @ 52%

Set 2: 12 Deadlifts @ 61%

Set 3: 9 Deadlifts @ 70%

Set 4: 15 Deadlifts @ 55%

Set 5: 12 Deadlifts @ 64%

Set 6: 9 Deadlifts @ 73%

every 2:30

"Maxwell House"


5 Rounds:

9 Toes to Bar

9 Push Press 135 / 95 lb

Once 5 rounds complete:

Directly Into...

Max Calories

Or max distance run.

- Overview: In the first portion of this workout, athletes will complete 5 round of toes to bar and push press. Shoulder and grip fatigue will be factors here. In the second portion of the workout, athletes will accumulate as many calories/meters as possible.

- Score: Total Calories/meters ran

For big classes you can start in heats separated by 2-3 min apart. Makes for a fun atmosphere

technique traing:


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