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Wed PVF partner WOD:5am,7:15,8:15am,5:30pm

Hip Thrusters

Build to a heavy set of 5

Every 1:30x6

Start light

Tag you're it

2 rounds For Time: With a partner DB 50/35 lbs

  • 24 Handstand Push-ups (you go I go)

  • 10 Burpees (together)

  • 34 Box step ups (you go | go.)

  • 400 meter Partner Run (together)

  • 34 Dumbell snatches (you go I go)

  • 10 burpees (together)

  • 24 Squat cleans (you go | go) 50/35

  • 400 meter run

Split the work evenly. Break up the reps however you want.

Must complete one move before going onto the next.

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