Wednesday Cardio/Core

7 stations circling the room

3 people Per station

3 sets 2 laps

Timer 1 - under cardio

40:10 -maintainable pace

30:15 - push pace

20:20 - all out

  1. wall ball plyo lunge slams

  2. Burpee box jumps

  3. DB Snatches 50/35

  4. battle ropes

  5. Bear burpees

  6. KB in out squat jump- kb in goblet position 40/25

  7. Rowers

Core burnout

30:10 timer Abs on main menu

2sets 2laps

DB 20/15

Flutter Kicks hold dB over chest

DB Over head to squat



Bear burpee

Kb in out squat jumps

OH to squat

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