Wednesday cardio core

9 stations each

3 people Per station

3 sets 2 laps around each station

Timer 1 - under cardio

40:10 -maintainable pace

30:15 - push pace

20:20 - all out

  1. rope climbs only to 10-15ft/option prone to standing climb/inverted ring rows. If you have knee sleeves use them for your shins (do not go to top of rope)

  2. Slam ball cross body slams

  3. balance trainer burpees

  4. Push up Renegade rows

  5. DB low squat swings

  6. Swiss ball pass -feet to hands laying on back.

  7. rig L sits/ knee tuck hold

  8. KB clean to pendulum lunge

  9. plate around the world to squat




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