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Wednesday Circuit w/mobility

Wed Mobility

:30sec each

Child’s Pose

Shoulder to Floor (:30 Each Side)    

Wrist Stretches  

Kneeling Front Rack Stretch

Down Dog  

Couch Stretch (Each Side)

Pigeon Pose (Each Side)    

Spiderman Hold (Each Side) 

Straddle Stretch


9 stations each

3 people Per station

3 laps 2sets lap 1&2, 1 set lap 3.


Timer: Stations - under cardio

The Work:

  1. sleds push pull

  2.  DB lateral raises 20/10

  3. plyo box step up with switch. Option DB

  4. Handstand walks/holds

  5.  Devil presses 35/20

  6. A-Jumps (banded)

  7. rowers (outside)

  8. Single KB cleans

  9. Wall ball run, corner building back 20/14

Cash out:

200m run curb and back

10-DB renegade rows

40 butterfly sit ups

20 push-ups



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