Cardio strength training

-Cardio/core Strength Training

Muscle endurance

-cardio or core movements paired with strength

-Goal- get as many reps/calories as possible with correct form.

Option: take a white board to count the reps in each movement.  Beat or maintain scores for the 2nd lap.

-2 laps: water break in between laps

-4 sections

-Try to beat or maintain your score for the 2nd lap.

Timer Mix Burnout

Work 1:45

Rest .30

Move .45

Red: Section 1

1:45- Sleds every time you get to and end its 1 rep.

:30 rest/move

1:45- TTB/knee tucks (2 knee tucks = 1 TTB)

:45 rest/move to next section

2. Blue: Section 2

-Box Dips

-wall balls 20/14

3. Green: Section 3

- Barbell rig inverted row

-Banded A-Jumps

4.  Yellow: Section 4

- KB sumo high pulls (double or single KB’s) 55-60/35-40

-Russian twists 20/15

Banded A-Jumps

Inverted BB rows

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