Friday mix

Section 1

EMOM-every minute on the minute

You have one minute to complete each rep or cal count. The top of each minute starts your next movement.

16 min

Equals 4 laps around all movements

Mixture of upper, lower and cardio movements.

More than 10 people start at different movements

12/10cal Rowers/bikes

15 barbell curls 65/45

10 Burpee box overs

10 lunge presses 35/20

Sec2 - DB’s 50/35

7 min AMRAP

8 bent-over rows

8 squats

8 push press

REST 2min

7 min AMRAP BB 115/85

8 barbell ab rollers

8 squat cleans

8 Pull ups

-1 lap cash out

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