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Friday PVX: Green Screen


Tabata Flow :20 on / :10 off 

  • Shoulder taps 

  • Upward dog press ups 

  • Dead hang from rig 

  • Plank to toe touch 

  • Eccentric push up 

  • Hollow flutter kicks 

  • Kips 

  • Mtn climbers

Bentover rows (palms out)

3 Sets [Same Weight Across]:

10 Pausing Bent Over Rows

Pause 2 Seconds On Chest & At Bottom 2 Minutes Rest Between Sets


5 Rounds For Time: 

400 Meter Run 

500/450 Meter Row 

500/400 Meter Bike

Rest 2:00 Between Sets 

Time Cap: 40 Minutes


For the coaches

  • We have a fully monostructural interval workout today. This is a great workout for our athletes to target their cardiovascular endurance and general capacity. With the 2:00 of rest built into the workout we want to encourage athletes to keep their output high. They can consider this a 6:00 on / 2:00 off workout as each station should take around 2:00 to complete. 

  • Run | 2:00 or less

  • Row | 2:00 or less

  • Bike | 2:00 or les

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