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Monday PVF/PVX: Empty Nester

General Warm Up (6 Minutes) (3-9)

  • :10-:15 Each

  • Arm circles forward

  • Arm circles backward 

  • Quad walk 

  • Reverse lunge w/ reach 

  • Alternating spiderman

  • Guided Child’s pose 

  • Kneeling wrist/forearm stretch

  • Bootstraps 

  • Squat hold w/ reach 

  • :10 Dead hang 

  • :10 Scap pull ups 

  • :10 Kips 

  1. Focus on pushing & pulling the bar with the arms 

  • :10 Kip swings 

  1. Focus on creating momentum and height of the kip just by pushing & pulling the bar with the arms 

Back Squat

Set 1: 5 Back Squat at 65%

Set 2: 4 Back Squat at 70%

Set 3: 3 Back Squat at 75%

Set 4: 2 Back Squat at 80%

Set 5: 1 Back Squat at 90%

• Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Sets

Start First Working Set at 80% & Build

"Empty Nester" 

For Time: 

1,000/900 Meter Row or 800 Meter Run

50 Overhead Squats (45/35) (65/55) or Front Rack(65/55)

30 Toes to Bar 

Time Cap: 10 Minutes 

After Party

4 Sets

Max supinated ring rows

20 Band Pull-aparts

Rest 1:00 Between Sets

For the Coaches

  • In part 1 we’re moving on to week two of our overhead squats. We’re looking for athletes to challenge themselves on the loading but not use anything they’re at risk of failing. In part 2, we have a total body Jackie style, quick chipper workout. 

  • Score | Time to complete work. Add 1 second per rep not completed if time capped.

  • Row | 4:30 or less 

  • Overhead Squats | Very light. Complete in 3 quick sets or less. 3:00 or less) 

  • Toes to Bar | 2:30 or less. 12 reps per minute. 

The One | Teaching Focus 
  • “Stacked” or locked out elbows.

  • For today, our coaching focus is cueing members to only go as low in their squat as they are able while keeping their elbows locked out. If they can reach full depth, then elbows should be turned down to create external rotation of shoulders. This should result in the barbell remaining stacked over the center of mass throughout the rep. 

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