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Thursday Strength

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


Combo Front Squats and SOH. We are working our way to a 4 rep max 2 front squats to 2 SOH. They should be heavy but they don't have to necessarily be a new PR. Because of the amount of sets. Then option to do 1 rm max. 1 front squat to one SOH.

EMOM 1:30x 8rounds 12min

Start 50% of your max

Build until you hit your Max


  1. 6x6

  2. 6x6

  3. 4x4

  4. 4x4

  5. 2x2

  6. 2x2

  7. 2x2

  8. 2x2

Option: Finish 1 more round of: 1 front squat to 1 SOH.

*You can pair up here

*Starting weight: somewhat challenging RPE 7

50rep challenge 4 min to complete 50 reps .90 sec rest between each movement.

If you have more than 1 min left on the clock and you completed 50 reps, You gained yourself 10 more reps.

Goal is to break the 4 min up into multiple sets as you get deeper in the 4 min, the reps should get harder & sets smaller.

  1. 50 DL 185/125

  2. 50 DB Bench press 65-70/30

  3. 50 KB/DB Box step ups 50/35

  4. 50 LM Bentover rows 90/35

  5. 25 v-ups 25 moving planks (finish then do 10 of each until 4 min is up)

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