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Tuesday Metcon


EMOM 4laps 16min

1 min to complete each rep count

14 DB Lunges 50/35

12 Matador dips

10 chin ups

12 elevated sumo squats 70+/50+(single DB)

Section2. :18min

  • Athletes can aim to get a big set followed by smaller sets on the strength movement’s or just start with small sets right away.

  • Athletes can afford to push the row/bike/sprint a bit as the goal is to get as many reps of each strength movement as possible.

AMRAP 6min:

25/19cal Row

25/19 Bike

Max BB Thrusters 115/85

Directly Into..


30 Box jumps

BB Cleans 115/85

Directly Into..



600 meter sprints curb and back 3 times (if inside 50ft back and fourth 20times)

Max Bench Press 155 / 105

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