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Wednesday Cardio core

8 stations each

3 people Per station

3 sets 2 laps around each station

Timer 1 - under cardio

40:10 -maintainable pace

30:15 - push pace

20:20 - all out

  1. Sleds push pull

  2. fire hydrants

  3. Handstand Walks (16ft) option: Handstand work against wall

  4. Wall ball hamstring curls

  5. Rig chin up holds

  6. balance trainer Alt push ups

  7. Bench Hops

  8. In/out plate banded jumps

Core Burnout

Plate abs workout

30:10 -9min

Lap1 2 sets

Lap2-3 1 set each

  1. Plate sit up to oblique twist

  2. Plate suit case crunches

  3. Plate Leg raises

  4. Plate toe touches

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