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Thursday PVX: cold turkey

Close grip Bench press (triceps)

5 Sets For Total Load:

8 Close Grip Bench Press

* Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets


"Cold Turkey" 

 (sub 1600m run for bigger classes)

For Time [35 Minute Cap]:

4,000/3,600 Meter Bike Erg    

2,000/1,800 Meter Row

10 Rope Climbs (15') 

Performed As: 

2 Minute On 

1 Minute Off 


4000/3600m Bike

Reduce Distance

10:00 Time Cap (5 Intervals)

2000/1800m Row

1600/1400m Ski

1600m Run

2000/1800M Row ‍

Reduce Distance

10:00 Time Cap (5 Intervals)

4000/3600m Bike

1600/1400m Ski

1600m Run

Rope Climbs

Reduce Height

Reduce Reps

3 Lay to Stand Climb

3 Strict Pull-Ups = 1

Rope4 Alternating Dumbbell Plank Rows = 1

Rope5 Ring Rows = 1 Rope

5 Toes To Bar = 1 Rope


Athletes should be able to leave their C2 monitors on and accumulate distance rather than resetting each time. A split pace of 2:00 for men and a 2:15 for women will allow athletes to finish with the 4 rounds of work on the bike and rower.

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