Thursday Strength

Updated: Aug 31

8 rounds of Jerk/push presses finishing with a heavy 2 RM. option for 4. Goal is to go up 5-10lbs from last time.

EMOM x8 1:30.

You will be decreasing 2 reps every other round. Adding weight each round.



1-2, 8reps

3-4, 6reps

5-6, 4reps

7-8, 2 reps.

Option 5-8 4reps

*Build each round

*You can pair up here

*Starting weight: moderate RPE 6-7

Circuit 35:20 3 sets 1lap 2 sets lap 2

5 movements- focus push movements upper body. And a heavy back squat in 3 sets. And continue to build in the next lap.

  1. Back squats- build to a heavy 5-6 reps

  2. DB Incline bench press

  3. Ball elevated glute flys bands

  4. Tricep dips on stands or box’s

  5. Ab rollers

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