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Thursday Strength

Push Press and/or Hip thrusters!

It will be the same sets and reps for both movements. Pair up.

For hip thrusters: use soft boxes against the wall or rig post. If your doing both switch back and fourth quickly.

Warm up- for both movements

10 Reps @ Light Weight

5 Reps @ Moderate Weight

...Keep building (If needed) in sets of 3-5 reps until you reach 65%.

Score: enter starting weight and end weight.

PushPress/Hip thrusters

On the 2:30 × 8 Sets:


*Start at 65% & Build

Option with building- build small increments each round, or build when the reps change in larger increments.

Section 2:

10 min amrap: 95/65-135/85#

15/12 cal bike/row/ski

10 total FR lunges


rest 3 min

10 min amrap:

15/12 cal bike/row/ski

6 BB Hange snatches or hang clean and press 95/65

8 DB box step ups 50/35

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Nicole NeVille
Nicole NeVille
May 26, 2023

Hip thrusters 355#


Kenzie Barlow
Kenzie Barlow
May 26, 2023

PP - failed 3 reps @ 120 then finished 3 @ 110. Should've just stuck with 115.

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