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Wednesday PVX and PVF parter WOD

A) 4 min jog (3 burpee's at the top of each minute)

B) 1 Round:

20 Band Overhead Pass-Throughs

10 Snow Angels

10/side Unweighted Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts

10 Half-squat jumps

20 Push-ups

Benchpress or hip thrusters

Set 1: 5 Bench Press at 60%

Set 2: 3 Bench Press at 70%

Set 3: 3 Bench Press at 80%

Set 4: 3 Bench Press at 85%

Set 5: 2 Bench Press at 90%

Set 6: 2 Bench Press at 90%

• every 2min


*Both options should take right around the same time

PVX option 1: Fortitude

On the Minute x 30:

1 Minute Row

1 Minute Burpees

• Score Is Lowest Row Round + Lowest Burpee Round

PVF option 2: Partner WOD

2 rounds For Time (with a Partner)

  • 50 TTB

  • 50 Bentover Rows

  • 50 Sit-Ups

  • 100 Kettlebell Swings

  • 10 Burpees 5 each

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written with a partner. Athletes can break up the reps in any way they’d like. Athletes can work at the same time. Each partner does not have to complete the same number of reps. For example, partners could split up the work evenly: 25 Bentover rows each, 25 Wall Balls each, 25 Sit-Ups each, and 50 Kettlebell Swings each. Partners can also divide the work based on their strengths and weaknesses and not worry about the work being split evenly.

Every 2 minutes, on the minute, both partners must stop and complete 5 Burpees each before continuing.

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