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Monday Strength

Mobility- as you come into the gym, start with mobility training. Don't wait for class to start.

30s Banded Lat Stretch (Each Side)

30s Banded Ankle Stretch (Each Side)

30s Calf Stretch On Post (Each Side)

30s Banded Pass Throughs

Warm up:

10 Air Squats

30s Empty Barbell Bottom of Back Squat Hold

10 Empty Barbell Back Squats

6 Back Squats (Light Weight)

4 Back Squats (Moderate Weight)

...Keep building in sets of 3-4 until you reach 65%

Focus on breathing. Take a deep breath before the squat exhale as you come up.

Back Squat 2min x6

6 Sets:

Set 1: 6 Back Squats @ 65%

Set 2: 4 Back Squats @ 75%

Set 3: 2 Back Squats @ 85%

Set 4: 6 Back Squats @ 70%

Set 5: 4 Back Squats @ 80%

Set 6: 2 Back Squats @ 90%



Building Muscle: Pick weights to find failure point before 40 seconds is up. Slow tempo, intrinsic movements.

Lean Muscle(cutting): Pick weights to find failure at the 40 second mark. Faster tempo movements.

  • 2 laps

  • First lap 3 sets

  • 2nd 2sets

  • 35:20

BB thrusters 95/65

DB lat pull overs 60/40

KB DB sumo squats elevated (go heavy)

LM Bentover rows 90/40

Ab rollers

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Nicole NeVille
Nicole NeVille
09. Mai 2023

1RM 170 back squat

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