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Tuesday mix

This metcon is for time!

You have a 1 min rest after each round so Go hard each round. The squat cleans to the SOH you shouldn’t have to put the bar down. If you have to break them up more than once your doing to much weight.

4 Rounds 95/65-115/85#

5 MU's/8 C2B/10 pullups

8 Squat cleans

8 S2OH

15/12cal bike or row

1min rest

-2 min rest

4 rounds of

10 push-ups

6 OH squats/8 front squats

8 Standing SA Bent-over rows R/L 50/35#

15 box jumps

1 min rest

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1 Comment

John Fadel
John Fadel
Oct 04, 2022

28:50 115# 50#

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